Getting Your Own Back Blackies Way.

When I was a Sergeant in the Army I came across Officers of all ranks. That may seem normal to a lot of people, but if you served in the forces you may of come across what I called the Smug Officer who went to Sandhurst looked like a Boy and sometimes acted like a boy.

Not all had the Smug attitude and when I was serving with the Airborne forces we had one Officer who just grinned all the time when you were trying to tell them or advise them, on a subject they were clueless on.

Having an exceptional memory comes in handy, so if anyone upset me or treated me like an idiot I would make a mental note of it. Years would pass and one day the officer was part of a patrol I was leading and being head scout I new exactly what obstacles we had to cross. We first come to electric fence, it was pitch black and I gave the signal to halt crouch down and sent a message back down the 50 man patrol that I needed the said Officer to come forward to my position.

He arrived and I explained to him that I could here running water ahead and could he go forward and check it out, and that I would wait here for him to report back to me. He agreed but I forgot to tell him there was a Electrified fence ahead.

He left our position and a few secs later we heard a load cry that echoed through the hills of Scotland. The sound could be heard from the Officer commanding the patrol who quickly sent a message to me to get the Clown that made that noise to report to him. I found out later he was given a severe telling off for his unprofessional behaviour.

Best was yet to come, he was sent back to complete his small but easy task of locating a suitable place to cross the river, in short a shallow area of water were the Patrol could cross. We advanced to the officer and I then passed the message back that we were to cross the river using a rope as a guide and safety aid to cross as the river flowed very fast and came upto your waist.

I went across with a lad i trusted and took the rope over with me, to the opposite bank. With no anchor points the method was simple me and my buddy would tie the rope round our waists and pull tight to help the patrol across.

We started to get men across when I got a message that the Officer who had a grilling was next across the river. My mate looked at me and with no words exchange just a look and a grin we gave the signal for the officer to make his way across the rope. As he got to the halfway point I said quietly hurry Sir we are loosing our grip, we both let the rope go and the officer went down stream again letting out a hell through the night air.

I heard he wasnput on extra duties for some time as a punishment for his immature behaviour.

Morale of the story.

Don’t treat Blackie like an idiot when he tries to help you or give you advice, as he has a fantastic memory.

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