Many Hats Were Worn

Back in 1998 i was a Warrant Officer at Deepcut RLC Depot in Surrey. My wage at the time was just short of £40000 a year. I had many responsibilities which were.

  • Fire Officer for the whole camp. Including Weekly Briefing to 300 Recruits or Civilian Staff
  • For all Fire Hydrants, Fire Extinguishers on Camp.
  • Fire Practice for Civilian staff of 1000.
  • Security for the Camp, controlling entry to the base.
  • Ration Accounting for meals for 400 members of staff, daily.
  • Security duty roster for general duties around Camp.
  • Interview of new personnel.
  • Daily running of Medical Discharge of recruits, courses for girls and boys leaving the force through injury or compassionate reasons.
  • Daily parades.
  • Other stuff I can’t remember.

So you could say I had many Hats.

Funny image but true.

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