Old School Me

We teach our children manners to say thank you please,or to answer you when you have spoken to them

We teach then the right way to be so other people will respect them for your hard work.

We do it because its right to be polite and respond to another human being when ask to.

So let’s paint the picture.

Your driving your car, another car comes your way, you slow down and let them pass, they don’t acknowledge you. OK they could be in a rush or they didn’t see you, or there tired and can’t raise the had up.

Or could it be they have gone home and said i let a person through today in my car and they never had to decency to say thank you. I am fed up with people not making a Simple Gesture. So if they do it I will.

You have lowered your standards the thing you were taught when driving

You have joined the He Does It So I Will, multiple that by how many road users they are and its no wounder no one does it anymore.

I Am not the man I will do it and keep doing it, because if you follow that lead, no doubt it will lead to other things that is The thing to do.

Blackie is not perfect I have many things i wish I didn’t do but I try everyday to make them better if I can.

The Next Story.

I have always hated how the Mobile Phone causes so many problems by words that cannot be heard the feeling behind them, the anxiety or just simple Kindness from one person to another.

So I am fault on a few occasions and I hold my hand up as high as the next for maybe not replying RIGHT THEN.

So you text to say goid morning, you don’t get a reply. OK there in a rush, there driving, the busy at work, for some reason their eyes don’t see the things I have just mentioned.

You know the person looks at their phone all day, every chance they get, they have the time to look at Facebook. Or instergram. But your little Icon that is still sitting at the top left hand side of your screen is still there or you open it but its lower down on your priority than Social Media.

If you have done that and replied later that day I can except that, but if you just didn’t bother answering at all, its Sad as that person could be sensitive and take it to heart

In todays technology we know when someone has got your message or its been read.

Its just another example of what I hear all the time, he or she is Busy. But its Family, or a best mate. They come to see you and you notice they live on their mobile everything it goes off they have to look.

You can comment all you want but its very simple.

If someone you know thats Special asks you something or just a good will gesture. Have the Descency to answer them back. Or there not that special are they.

My phone sits in the living room and I work with Power tools making Wood Carvings. I do photography up in my Studio my music plays loud.

So if I am slow to respond its Genuine

I Dont Let The Mobile Run my daily routine. I have better things to do.


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