My Path.

Long ago a lad did walk his legs so wide along the river bank in the countryside. Head held high no light to guide, he wondered side to side, where would it lead the path he chose long ago when he was so young. Eyes so bright body full of life the path felt firm as he climbed the hillside, smiling as he went, where will it lead the hill so high, warm sun on his back he never looked back

Years past by, legs stronger he pushed ahead through wind and snow, path still not clear where did it lead, the path he chose changing year by year, twisting and turning in many directions, life still not clear just birds to hear, flying by his side a he walks his path of life where would it lead, what was in store, smiling he pushed on people passing by on the otherside, a wave hello good day, bye bye.

The path would crumble below his feet, he would fall and stumble, down he would go to depths so low, rising with strength from where only he knows. The path is now smooth is straight as a di he walks the lad with his head held high.


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