Little Pond In The Garden

Today i stayed away from the loft but didn’t have clue what to photograph. I stood looking out at the starlings feeding in the garden when i noticed the little pond i mad this summer, Its more like a bath for the birds to was themselves in but the reflection coming from the pool was lovely. I cleaned it out and poured more water in. To give it a different feel and a darker look i added black food colouring to the water.

I then had to decide what to photograph, and i looked round and saw Bella our African Grey Parrot and came up with an idea of floating one of her feathers on top of the water and get as low to the water as i could and get a nice reflection.

The lens i used was the Sony 2.8 90mm Macro. I used the Godox Flash and Trigger set the Shutter to 1/200 f14 ISO 100 and took some test shots i had to lower the flash to 1/8 and the images seem to be fine.

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