My Love For The Barn Owl

Out of all the birds other than my beloved Bella CAG. There is one bird that I dream of, make wood carvings of, post regular the images I have captured in my 10 years of photography.

March 23 2020 Sony A7r4 200-600

To witness this graceful owl in flight has got to be my all time wildlife favourite experience. The silence, the beauty, skill and stealth is a sight that is not just captured through the camera lens but in my mind.

Coming towards me excitement like no other

When I first witnessed the Barn Owl It was like something from a film or documentary, I was the camera man the producer and editor to film and create wildlife stories with beautiful images for people to read.

Hunting in Silence

Not many people are lucky enough to see the Barn Owl in all its glory, they maybe see a white shape flying low through a misty field, or sitting on a post in the distance, and flying across the road whilst driving.

Coming in with food for the Owlets.

With a very short life and hardships that would make most of us realise that we have it so easy in life. They battle so many man-made problems, natural problems and still manage to raise a family which in turn has a low survival rate.

Perched looking for an easy meal. I sat feet away in dreamland watching her. March 2020

God made some lovely creatures for us to watch, admire, respect and learn from, but out of them all I don’t get more enjoyment and satisfaction from sitting in a field on a warm sunny evening and seeing this Pure Gold bird do what it does best.

I call her the White Angel as that’s what I see when it appears its like a vision, them one that becomes reality as she gets closer. I hope I will write many more stories about the Barn Owl next year and years to come while I can.

The Angel

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