The Falcon Story

Far away in a land there stands a man, we don’t know why he is there. He stands alone, he walks alone over rocks on dry sandy paths. Burnt land from the intense heat of the sun.

Birds fly, they perch on bare leafless shrubs, looking at him with beautiful red eyes, the eyes of the hunter. Who is he they say. He comes every day watching us hunt and preen our flight feathers.

The Falcon walks he stalks the birds he has loved since he was a boy. Many bird sightings witnessed over many years. Now the Falcon has got a camera so he can capture his birds in their glory as the put on a special show for him. A show only he will see.

He waits in hiding for the Harrier to fly a Harrier that is persecuted in our country, killed and hung on a fence. But the Falcon sees many everyday they fear him not, as he comes in peace just to admire and cherish this wildlife experience, one that only the Falcon will see

To be continued

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