Christmas Bella

The African Grey Parrot is very sensitive and loving bird. They are moody when they molt and its best avoiding certain daily rituals as they can be unpredictable but the Pupils are the give away and feather fluffing up. Also the posture position is a good indication of what mood there in.

All this is essential if you want to look after the Congo African Grey Parrot. I have had pet birds most of my life and Bella is on another level, one that needs dedication love and time. I researched everything there was to know about caring and looking after the C.A.G before I committed to getting Bella.

There are lots of intelligent testa done with the Grey Parrot and its because there one of the most intelligent birds on the planet.

As a bird lover and a bird photographer is something I get unbelievable enjoyment from. So when she is in her loving mood its amazing and rewarding.

Loving Bella.

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