Canon 50D

My old Canon was a great Camera it was the best at the time and having a Crop factor of 1.6 was a great help when filming subjects that you can’t get close to. Using the Canon mk1 100-400 was a great combination. The Airshow at Blackpool happened every August but every year planes would be taken out of the show, sometimes because of the weather but more sadly because of funding, or they never flew again after the last show.

Anyway I did 2 shows and got some really nice images until I couldn’t visit it anymore because of other commitments. Here are some of my best, this one was taken with the Red Arrow jet doing some speed, but I captured it upside down as it went past.

Red Arrow

Other images I am very proud of are the military aircraft, and the shots of the Red Arrows as they did the head on manoeuvre.

The las are just a few taken at random

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