Water Droplet.

When you pick up the mirrorless Sony or Fujifilm Camera everyday I just want to photograph something new but its hard when you do it 365 days of the year.

So I look back at somethings that gave me pleasure that were somewhat hard to achieve. Take the Dandelion Clock with a small droplet of water on it.

Single Droplet on top of Single Dandelion clock.

Having a steady hand is a must but it took planning. The water preparation and background on a miniature stage together with small instruments to hold place and execute all thought out to create a one off scene.

Carefully planning the light and angle of the camera, using household items to create the image.

So today the Knife and Chisel are resting and I am going to look for something to photograph using the same technique I did to get these wonderful images. They look stunning on canvas and with 61mp the size of the print could fill the side of a building.

1st image Water from Tap. 2nd Water Blown Through Straw. 3rd African Grey Parrot Feather Water from a Saringe.


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