2021 Blackie’s Blog

Readers of my blog know that I suffer sometimes with strange mental thoughts and go to dark places where no-one can help, or understand how quickly it can happen.

So I write happy stories, life in the Army, my photography and my wood carving. My childhood memories and growing up without parents, break ups and sadness.

So when I am positive and happy I should tell people. Feeling really good and looking forward to our new adventure with my Rock Ruth by my side. The strength Ruth gives me is amazing, I always ask her daily have I made you laugh today. Have we had a morning love.

So after getting up on the 1st January I played with Bella for an hour then with Bella on my shoulder we took Ruth a cup of tea, something I have done everyday since we met 10 years ago. DIY is something I have done since leaving the Army, with no training I started laying wood floors, painting and decorating, then Decking.

So in our kitchen there is a space that Ruth has commented on about having a shelf built to give her more space. Sitting in the chair talking to Bella i just thought ok a new year so let’s build a shelf to make Ruth happy.

Me and Ruth are a great team we work together on most things, so we put the framework up for the shelf and I cut the shelf with the help from Ruth to hold the shelf as it went through the Bandsaw.

After dinner I put the shelf up while Ruth took 5 in the bedroom. As I was doing it I realised the the key hanger space on the wall had been covered by the shelf, so I quickly looked for some ideas of Wood Key Hangers.

Off to the garage, I found some nice Oak and drew a key shape and cut it out, sanded it and stained it.

Ruth came into the kitchen and her response is priceless and makes me so happy she really gets very excited at simple things that I do for her, things that come naturally to me. Then she saw the wood key I had made and she got more excited

Later that day I started working on a Wooden Pear 🍐 to go with a new project I was making for our living room. The new fruit bowl made from Silver from Birch would have various fruits in it and a few shapes made from examination, made from Mountain Ash and Oak.

I will post images on the next blog of the fruit bowl and the weird fruit I have carved by hand, using a 4inch grinder and a Stanley knife.

What a great start.

Blackie’s Blog.

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