8000 Feathers.

White, Black, Grey and Red they make up the Congo African Grey Parrot. How someone knows how many feathers are on the body of the African Grey Parrot i don’t know.

But when your in love with birds and you communicate with them, film them, make wood carvings of them, listen to the songs they sing, the beauty they hold, the ritual and display they show, comes from holding them as a child.

Having a small baby Budgie in my hands as a boy, left a beautiful image in my mind.

When I fall asleep Stroking Bella on her neck and face is a wonderful experience and I still can’t believe my childhood dream has come true.


I am fascinated by her feather detail and colours, the light grey on her back, the white tiny feathers covering her face. The small feathers on her eyelids, Black flight feathers, and most of all the Red Tail Feathers.

They say lots of things in books about the CAG parrot and most what I read was true, but every bird is different and its all about how you rear them, letting them be part of the Flock is so important to give her confidence and this builds the bond between me and Bella.

Caring for any animal is %100 commitment or you shouldn’t bring them into your world. But when the communication between animal, bird happens its special in so many ways.

She sitts and turns her head when I talk, creating eye contact feathers point up a sign I know she is listening to me.

Bella concentration

As we approach 300 different sentences , songs, rhymes its no wonder there in the same league as the Dolphin, and Mountain Gorilla for intelligence.

But most of all for the affectionate nature she has for me. Bowing her head and wanting to be stroked is so pleasing and brings so much happiness to my heart.

People may say I am daft to wave at her when I leave the house and on my return. But then when she lifts her foot up and waves back you just stand in total amazement at her intelligence.


I look forward to updating you on an amazing Bird called Bella.


  1. She is so beautiful! There is an amazing bond between animal and human. I have that with my cat, and have had it with three other cats that I have lost in my adult life. Animals are amazing!


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