It is not a Rehearsal

There is now script to read or learn, you will play many leading parts. Your outfit will change from birth, size, colour, texture, the people in your long play will come and go, the location will change.

You will be sad for part, happy for others, be down then get up. Parts will be hard to play, others easy.

One life live it as they say, that sounds so easy. You can’t rewind it to make it better, or so it didn’t happen. Maybe you will learn quick others slow.

Some will have it hard from the start to finish, others will have the simple part where everything just falls into place. Some won’t find that all comes easy, they will stumble fall again and again.

Others will have the part cut short through now doing of their own, it wasn’t their fault, no chance to rectify it.

Some won’t see it coming, others will make it happen, but all of us have one thing in common.

Life is not a Rehearsal.

You get one chance.

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