The Beach Action Sony 100-400

Today with the sun shining made way along the coast slowly with the waves crashing in it felt lovely with the ice cold east wind blowing on my bald head, but feeling of walking again free with no worries about my right ankle it just felt great. I walked for about 3km and on the way i was looking out for people with dogs. The dog in full flight is great practice for panning and testing the different settings on the camera and glass.

So today instead of my trusty 200-600 i took the G Master 100-400 out with the Sony1.4 ext in my pocket. I soon found a lady with a young German shepherd who kindly let me take a few shots of it running for the ball. I used the Tracking Zone for these with the Green square locking onto the dog and never loosing focus, sadly the back ground was to busy so i was only happy with one image.

Sitting down for a while it was very quiet on the beach then i saw a Spaniel carrying a huge log from the sea, no it was not going to give it up so with the 100-400 it made life very easy to capture the action before it anyway near me.

What i love about the 7r4 is how far you can be away from your subject and still have the confidence to take a picture knowing you can crop until your hearts content and still retain fantastic image quality.

Then a lady came on the beach with a 18 month old dog that had a lovely coat on, so i asked her would it be ok to take some images of her dog. The first few were a bit to close so i let her walk up the beach and on her return i took some of the dog running towards me.

Making my way back to my car i noticed the Ferry out at sea a thought it would be a good idea to show people who are thinking of the Sony A7r4 how you can capture things way out in the distance. So i took 3 images of the ferry, the Ist image was at 100mm, then one at 400mm then using the APS-C mode i took the final one.

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