Blackie’s Photography Tips.

self teaching has its downfalls but you learn so much and by learning you put the issues to practice. So i thought it would be nice to share a few of my tips that could help you. If your new to photography or even a professional.

Card Slots

We have all done it and, rushed out and got to a location remembering that the card is in the Laptop.

Tip: carry a spare SD card in your jacket you may never need it but its there.


Yes i have done it this week arrived at the the beach weather lovely and only have %60 battery.

Tip carry a Power bank with a USB charger with a USB cable. There that slim now you can have it in your pocket and charge a spare battery while you carry on photographing.

Lens Wipes

Tip carry a few in your jacket, Ziess wipes are the best and can be expensive but the glass clears without touching the glass with a cloth. If you do wipe your glass never rub it dry, breath on it first and always start from the centre and move cloth round in a clockwise movement once.

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  1. I always carry an extra battery. And I have still forgotten to bring it, and pretty much run out my battery! But most of the time I remember. And I do not breath on my lens first, good to know!


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