Why i never!

Ever since I can remember I have never carried a camera in a bag, backpack or shoulder bag. It happened naturally just by picking up the camera you see things from when you walk out the door in the morning.

There are hundreds of instances where I can say for certain that I would not have got that image if the camera had been packed away in my expensive camera bag.

To be ready and react to a situation is from my Army days, you carried the Rifle in a manner where you could bring the rifle up and ready looking through the sights in secs.

So why do I never carry my camera that costs a good £6,000 round my neck and not in backpack. To be honest its not right to be critical of the other photographer’s but if we set the scene it will make more sense

I meet a mate outside a Nature reserve, we know that there has been sightings of a rare bird in the park. So he shows me his very nice Camo backpack that holds all his equipment.

We start to walk into the entrance to the park, as we walk my senses kick in, I hear a call from a bird, I am in my zone. We approach the bridge and while we talk about how nice the weather is I look down into the water to and see Grebe with 5 young on its back heads poking out in all directions.

I lift the camera to my eye, focus then fire 3 images off before they spot me and hide under the adults ploomage. My mate says what was it, nothing just a Grebe with 5 chicks on its back. Enough Said.

The Same Day

We sit and have a brew watching and waiting as we drink our coffee. My mate puts his camera in his bag as it starts to rain. I put my hat over the lens hood. Just as the rain falls a Comorant comes up with a huge fish in its mouth. I put my brew down pick my camera up and focus and take 3 images just as the bird tilts its head back and swallow’s the fish

My mate puts his brew down and finds the zip on his bag, opens it goes to get his camera out. The Comorant dives out of sight

The camera my mate carrys has Weather Sealing a protection that allows the photographer to be confident he can still use his Camera in the rain with worrying about causing any damage to it.

Personal Choice

I am not saying that there is a correct method to how you carry your equipment but if you see that Lifetime Image, that moment, that action shot, a Rare Bird or Animal. Who gets the image the man with the camera ready or the man with his gear pack away.?

Little Owl 2019

As I headed over the moors last year camera on my car seat I saw this Little Owl sitting in the morning Sun. I slowed down, stopped window already down I picked up my camera and focused in secs and got this image.

Short Eared Owl chasing a Barn Owl.

The position of the birds happen in a split second, being in the Alert position ready gave me my Lifetime Image I don’t think I will beat.

Why I Never.


  1. Do you put your camera on the tripod and carry it with you or you just holding it on your hand? I am with you. I sit my lens on the monopod and carry it over my shoulder. But like to learn from others how they carry their heavy equipments for their outing.


  2. I carry mine everywhere! I’m sure it needs to be cleaned it’s so dusty here. But it keeps working! By the way, I love grebes! I hope you would post the photo of the mama and babies 😊


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