Camera technology has change in such a short time, but sometimes it changes and gives us better operating systems, speed, and menus most of us don’t use or can understand.

When I had my Canon 7Dmk2 I had one lens, the 100-400mk2 which was a fantastic setup for wildlife. I never took the lens off for 2 years.

So I jumped ship to Sony, with no regrets, but after all my research I didn’t see anything about Dust, marks on the Sensor anywhere In the many reviews I read.

Now I find myself changing lens and doing it safley by doing a Cleaning mode operation. Turning off the camera, facing it down to stop dust getting into the housing. Using a blower gently blowing lens and camera upside down.

Then I go out and take some nice images, come home sit down and start to edit an image and see marks on the image.

I am so careful and look after my equipment but find it very annoying and have decided the the only way to stop it happening is to not take the 200-600 off the bony. That would mean having a second Sony Full Frame for Portraits and Street photography.

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