My Blog

Writing and expressing myself is such a wonderful feeling, it has brought an end to my constant ending thinking of the past. Given me new hope for the future.

I never set out to have likes our comments as that’s why I left social media groups. I just wanted to share my life stories and images, my work with natural wood.

So now 6 months in I don’t look at Stats and I try and read other blogs that people from far end wide write, people who I don’t know. People I will never meet

So when I get a lovely comment, just one a week, or one a month from another blogger, writer, story teller it means so much. It means out of the population on the planet I have written something that connects with another human being.

That means more than a thousand likes.

So may I continue and keep my small but very important followers on my Life Through The Lens.

It costs nothing to say thank 🙏 but it means so much to have it said to you.

Thank you to my Followers.


  1. Thanks i took this in 2013 when I was spending time with a Short Eared Owl. The Sun was going down when it flew right in front. Against all the rules of photography I took the image. It now hangs on a few walls. Your welcome to use it or I can send a copy to you. Blackie


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