Sadness from News

I woke up and read the news.

After writing this when I woke up at 4 I went to the toilet and when I came back I turned the light on to find my glasses, on my Headboard was an item I got for Xmas. Why I put it on the headboard I will never know as its never been put there before.

It makes you think.

First time ever I put my Hat there

When your mind goes back to 1964 your sitting on your dad’s shoulders sucking a Foxes Mint. You look round at flat caps and long dark figures all walking in the same direction. Voices mention mens names.

Red ends of cigarettes flash everywhere, the smell of Bovril fills the air. Cobbled alleyways dark and damp the sound of feet like a stampede echoes as the pace quickens.

Looking up i see lights up in the sky, square shaped shining down like a UFO onto the crowds of people rushing like cattle. A strange noise rings out as it turns when my dad pushes it, its metal and a shape I haven’t seen before. We push through, and we look up at a small entrance

The murmured voices get louder, the steps rise up so high i start to count them, men brush past mentioning names i heard on my way as we walked.

I hear Bell, he is amazing, fast dribbler, not scared to take anyone on. A man that can run so fast, light brown hair. A quiet gentleman, one I will come to admire, make a lasting impression on my mind.

Someone i want to be, a Roll model who will and is still my Idol, he will grace my Bedroom wall as I lie there in bed.

We arrive at the entrance the sound is so loud thousands of people talk of the game, we huddle together to keep warm, looking round I see Blue and White everywhere, men sing of City Till I Die, I don’t know what they mean.

A song plays that I will sing and love for the rest of my life. Blue Moon You Saw me Standing Alone.

It goes very Quiet then a Roar rings out in the cold night air, hands clap, people shout There’s Only One Colin Bell.

My eyes see for the first time a Man in a Blue Shirt, White Shorts and Blue Socks. And Brown Leather Boots. He runs with the Dark Brown Leather stitched ball. My eyes are wide, I go silent in total amazement at the Man they talk about, chant his name for 90mins. Talk about as we walk home, on the bus, in my living room on the news.

The man i will see in the England Shirt stood proud as the National Anthem is played. Whatch him score many goals Admire him as he lifts Another Silver Trophy above his head.

So I wake at 4, I am approaching 64 in 25 days, but the man I saw in 1964 is no more, my story has come to an end, his life a simple one, no media, no Boasting how good he was, just a Great Player who Graced the Green Grass of Maine Road Football Pitch and touched my heart all these years later

Rest In Peace Colin Bell You were loved as a Small Boy all those years ago, and Now as I hear of your Passing.

One thing Colin saw was the team he loved play the Beautiful Game with the Best Manager and the best players. He must have dreamt of playing with Silva Ageuro and others.

He watched hit team 10+ Trophies he went with happy memories and died peacefully.

You Rise With The Blue Moon Forever.

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