I Wonder Where You Go

Making a cup of tea at 4.45am, the chill circles round my head that once had hair, my feet feel cold. I reach for my Caving one piece suit, then my thick Dressing Gown.

Back under my 15tog quilt, I hold my hot cup of tea. There is always one thing I think of, how do the birds keep warm. Little Blue tit comes first to the feeder, then the Male and Female Blackbird.

Yes we are warm but my thoughts are always for the ones who spend life dsy and night trying to survive. I life they don’t choose like all of use.

They roost in nest boxes, I know that but I wish i knew the places they seek when they roost for the night. Our Bella gets covered with Thick Blankets to keep her warm.

If you look at a birds feeding habits you learn all about how they live a daily survival strategy. First they feed in the morning to build up energy. Then most return at 3.30 in the afternoon.

They return before last light as I call it, this is the time they know is the final feed before a long night, so when you think of it, from Oct to Jan the light fades about 1600hrs and gets brighter about 8am that is a long time for a Small bird or any bird to sit in freezing conditions.

The afternoon feed is so important, so if you have any foods from the night before that are safe and will benefit the birds in your garden save it for next day. This is a simple but rewarding feeling when you put it in the garden and help the birds through winter.

Fruit, nuts, cereals but remember Bread maybe the first thing you reach for but crumble it very small, blend it as without water its very hard for a bird to swallow. That’s why you see Ducks dipping it in water first,

Please spare a thought for our beautiful birds that need our help, we all find life hard at times but they depend on us to help with their Survival.

Thanks Blackie.


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