Of Course I Did.

I saw a man sitting in a doorway his dog by his side. Old jacket covered his body. His dog had sad eyes just like his.

The child looked through a window at my meal, hungry and thin he stood a smile made me realise.

I passed a old lady in rags sat against a tree hands cupped she held them out to me.

The runner stood head bowed as he cried in pain,no further could he run.

Sitting crying the lady in the next seat looked so sad from what I don’t know.

I had one sweet left I was so looking forward to, my brother helped me so many times.

Cold and freezing I waited for the bus. Frail and carrying her shopping the girl from next door waited. Bus pulls in doors open and the driver shouts Room for one more.

The man stands in the rain. His hand held out asking for help I am in no hurry to my destination.

Boy looks troubled as he looks at his bike chain dangling down.

Sitting beside me the mate can’t get a good image if the Blue Tit sitting on a branch.

His car Bonet up the man I don’t know looks inside his engine compartment. Battery flat.

Lady looks up at the top shelf she can’t reach I walk past I can easy reach it.

The traffic is busy, he stands with his White stick trying to cross.

My car travels down my street I need to get home for something really important, I see the little Hedgehog on the other side if the road crossing slowly, traffic approaches on the opposite side.

I am going to go out of my way to help people in need, do a good deed as I always have done. I am not bothered if no one helps me because that’s the way it has always been. I would not have it any other way.


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