How Amazing a Droplet is

Considering this droplet is the size of a Pepper corn, it delivers fantastic images when dropped from high into a bowl of water. Yes this has tested me and i have tried for 12 months to get it spot on. Today i set up different and set my f number to 16 keeping my ISO at 100 and my shutter speed at 1/200. With the Godox TT865S mounted on the Sony A7r4 i used the Tamron 28-75mm.

The setup was very simple i used a concrete block to sit the bowl of water on with a shower curtain underneath. I then used another concrete block to rest the camera on. Getting the level right was the hardest as i wanted the lens just on the top of the water, i managed this by just adding some paper card.

Once i had done that i had to control the speed of the water coming from the tube. The method was to watch where then droplet landed in the water, the n with a plastic ruler i placed it in the water with the numbers visible. Using the Manual focus on the Tamron i focused on the ruler as a droplet hit it. The Background was made from Printing designs from the internet and placing it behind the bowl

These are the best i images i have taken and the only thing to do now is to get even closer and use the 90mm Macro so the super sharp and are a 1 to 1 image. I am loving the images this fun form of photography produces and i am going to continue and experiment further. The Machine that does all this for you cost about £200 so considering i have not spent anything yet and just used my imagination i feel i am doing really well.

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