The Photographer

You get up and the sun is up you rush for your camera gear. The day has come its a long time coming to have blue skies over the North West that las for more than an hour

You get to the location the Tide is in. You find a spot where you can’t be seen and its low to the water

The Reflections in the Sea are beautiful the water is so calm the Teal Widgeon and Redshank feed and Curlew start to arrive. The scene is set you check your settings for birds in flight

This is going to be fantastic.

The 2 Egrets sit on the bank looking into the water.

Then the birds get restless something or someone is making the call out to the others Danger.

Then a man with his Speedboat moves down unto the water. Every bird takes to the air hundreds fly off into the dustabce .

I sit there looking out onto the best setting I have had for a long time.

Let’s Go Home Then.

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