The Bird Nest box I made Monday is up in the Sycamore tree. Today I am going to make the second one. This one will have a bigger hole as I want the Starlings to nest in it.

The normal size hole is 28-29mm which is suitable for Blue Tit and Great Tit, but as I have learned over the years it can be any size as birds will make it bigger or even smaller.

The Starling will chip away at a entrance vif its to small. The Nuthatch will put mud round the entrance. So if your making one go for 29mm.

Also some birds like a perch to sit on before they go into the nest, and many bird will check for danger before entering the nest box.

I have 2 nice Wildlife cameras I can place near to the mast box to monitor the interest.

This footage was capture on our first year at our van in the dales. The young Blue Tit has just seen the World for the first time and is about to fly for the first time.

And don’t worry about the inside of the box as birds will empty and clean it of any previous nest material as seen in this video I took.

Help our nature is didn’t cost a lot and the enjoyment for you and your children is priceless and is educational.

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