When Eyes Meet

As a photographer I never really see the subject other than through the viewfinder like someone using binoculars.

So I often wonder if we could understand wildlife, and what they see when a strange figure is pointing a object at them.

Curious are some,others scared and some just confused as to what is going on.

The tale starts with the Short Eared Owl a bird i had never encountered before. I found it through chance and funny it was only 2 miles from my house.

So not knowing anything about the Owl I just arrived at the location, dressing in my normal camouflage gear I watch and take in certain movements and habits, and behaviour.

Within the first day I had noticed it sitting on a post in the field so for some reason I walked slowly towards it. Stopping for 2 or 3 minutes just to put the Owl at ease.

As I got closer my heart began to race, my thoughts of capturing an Owl in the wild, I raised my camera up and took some images. Then lowering the camera I stayed still for 5 minutes.

Moving forward another 10 feet very slowly I got closer and to my amazement I got within 20 feet of a wild Short Eared Owl.

Short Eared Owl 2013

For 3 weeks I adopted the same behaviour and found the Owl and me had a understanding. So what did the Owl see, whats it a young Owl who had never seen a human before.

Was a it an Adult who had encountered a man with a camera, or was it that it just felt safe with me. Was it curious to what I was and what I wa holding.

What ever nature planned for me that day came true and is in my Top Ten of Wildlife Experiences.

What ever it was may never happen again, I went back many times year after year an found the Short Eared Owl but couldn’t get with 100 feet.

Here are some of the best action images of the Short Eared Owl.

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