Wooden World

Thank you for your shape and grace, your mesmerising features and windswept silhouette. Branches reaching out to touch me as I pass by you everyday

I climbed you as a child and fell many times, but you called me back to try again.

Your blossoms of all colours and fragrance fill my heart through the seasons that make my year.

You fill the forest in Autumn but no-one brushes your leaves up, but there gone in spring.

You give life to birds and insects, to animals and to men who cut you everyday for us to use as paper, furniture, glue, fire wood, charcoal.

Your life on earth maybe long or short be a peaceful one where men don’t venture.

Your in my images, I hide behind you, I sit on your branches waiting for my birds.

I tie my rope to you to make my Hammock

Your my Anchor for extra strength. You help me at night when I am cold with your dry branches for 🔥.

I take cover from the rain under your canopy.

Your my bridge across the river, after you fall, many feet will pass over your bark. And again you help me on my journey through life

I wrote my initials in your bark all those years ago, my first girlfriend or my Pet that passed away and lies peaceful under your trunk

You are there in sadness as you are the resting place for people that can’t see a future, young and old troubled they search for your branch just at the right height. Your the last living thing to hear them talk and cry about how sad they are to leave and pray to God for forgiveness for the bad things they have done.

Flowers are layed at your base you hear the familiar words over and over again Why did you do it.

Lovers sit under their favourite tree where they met for the first time, kissed and you hear them say Will you Marry Me.

You get your bark scratched by the Deer and the Bear its so nice like having my back scratched.

High up the Buzzard makes his home for his family in your strong branches.

You give life and happiness to so many people and animals, environment and climate.

Your cover for me as the enemy looks for me, I hide under you as the soldier’s boots stand within feet of me.

You saved my life.

Bombs explode and your bark splinters and shatters in all directions killing innocent men, animals.

Your rolled down hills till you hit the water and men run across you spinning you.

Men climb you with chainsaws have races up you, cut you down after 200 years of beautiful living only to be made into a coffee table a door or a shelf

Blackie makes amazing gifts for people from your lovely wood and beautiful grain.

Children tie rope to your strong branch so they can swing over the river, you hear many call of O No as the rope breaks, laughter and enjoyment you bring, never a Thank You your taken for granted.

Dad builds you a house high up, a special place for you to sit in peace looking out over your land, its your garden but you are the king.

Cats climb you and get stuck, but your safe why you stay until the men in red come to get you down.

You save many men as the drift off course or dropped in the wrong location. They hang from you in silk parachutes waiting to he rescued. They hang in fear as the enemy walks underneath you.

The sniper will take many lives in the Pacific as he sits in his tree 🌳 waiting for the patrol to come into view.

Your a lifeline for the people trapped on the other side of the gorge, your attached to rope to make a bridge so the village people can collect food and water.

When you cry you release Sap thats made into rubber for tyres and many other things we come to rely on

Your Sap is my fire lighter to get my fire started,something that not many people know.

Bees look for the gap to make their honey, ants and woodlouse crawl along your never ending path of Bark, leading up high and back down they travel.

The evening sunlight the morning sunrise gives the photographer light for his portrait session. Shadows from your summer leaves cast amazing shapes on the forest floor.

The Silence as the Elusive Leopard stalks his prey never seen, like the Tiger you are safe from the Poacher as he looks to ruin your life where ever you are on earth.

Primates depend on you to swing and play, bend your branches down for food but you will grow again as your seeds are spread for the future.

The Bride and Groom pose for the picture under your branches.

The beat of drums as the paddles move in sync, the Indian braves row fast.

The thud can be heardbin the sand as anther coconut falls from the palm tree only to be swept away by the tide and drift away to anther beach.

Animals use you to cross vast ocean distances to start a new species on the desert island 🏝.

The Viking ship magnificent structure built from your hard lasting material.

The artist holds his brush so fine made from fine wood.

Household items of many helping in everyday uses

You stretch for miles around the globe with wire of all shapes and lengths attached to you stopping people entering, or keeping the livestock safe

Early man used you to hunt, bow and arrows for battle, Romans made the beautiful Chariots.

Wheels to carry settlers looking for a new life.

You are thrown daily into the sea for the pet dig, off the bridge the children throw you to see you reaches the bank first.

I sat on you as a child on my plank of wood and four Pram wheels racing down the street.

I make nest boxes for the Owl and all the little birds to nest in and roost in.

You were shaped to make my Fire Surround

I sat in side your wooden structure for 6 years filming my wildlife your wood keeping me dry and warm.

I made a sign for a man that Died and engraved his name on it in and erected it at the start of a Woodland Walk.

Wood surrounding my van to make it look nice

You framed me.

Your a Den in the woods for my Grandchildren.

Your a bench for me to sit on and engrave my family names on.

You still support so many things after you fall from your Roots giving life back and so much enjoyment. You create a habitat for Fungi of all shapes.

Your roots are exposed by floods but you still hold on for the wildlife to use as a perch. Your strength is un matched.

We use you for so many pictures your everywhere we look and you make life of the photographer a Joy.

Your a barrier to my kingdom a small one but you give me peace and seclusion from prying eyes.

I use you for my Chinese meal.

To Pick my teeth clean after my meal.

You are known as Natures Greatest Survive as seen in the documentary about the Oldest Oak tree in Britain. 400 years of changing climate but still you stand.

No Storm can bring you down your a giant and conquer all that comes your way.

The Beaver makes a dam an helps water conservation and flooding.

Native indians and many different tribes worship them like God’s

Watch straps, arrow shafts are made from your source. Hundreds of items in todays world come from wood

Man hunted with spears made from wood, fire was started by wood. Shelters huts and traps for catching animals are made from wood.

The Vietnam War saw many grizzly trap made for the man fro America.

Fishing rods to spinning tips to sledges, all from wood.

Window frames, flag poles, chairs, sofas, spoons, planes, balls, cricket bats, car dashboards, picture frames,

House roofs, door frames, work tops, partitions, lintels, animal hutches, saw dust made from wood for the Rabbits

Everywhere you look Wood is there used for hundreds of years and will be used for many years to come.

Wood What A Wonder You Are.

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