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All Dried Up

I feel as though my Brain and memory files have gone its weird I was filled with so many stories and memories back in Aug 2020.

Now I find myself without a story to tell something that happened to me. There all gone, was it done intentionally, no I just started to write, and post images to accompany the story

So now when I wake up in the early hours there is a calmness about me, the beautiful feeling of being free like a Owl flying silent in the night.

So I wait and I look forward to my next adventure, the next image, who knows what it will be.

Aug 17/20 – Jan 23/21

476 Posts/Memories/Stories

Telling the truth to the world of my life from a boy to a man with honety and feeling in a simple way has giving me freedom to write now about my next journey.

As I approach 64 I have so much to offer, new tales from a simple man who loves life, and wants to share it with his few followers.

Not for a comment or a like or to see how many people look at it or visit my site. Done purely with feeling how it happened.

The piece of wood the he turned into a lovely necklace for a friend. A story of his family portrait, of his Son, Daughter, children, Grandchildren.

Wildlife he will encounter this year, images he sees through his lens captured in time and written about to bring happiness to those who follow his work.


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