No 25

What do you see when you look at this Red Shirt worn by a man in 1991.

I went through my loft last week and came across this shirt.

Any other shirt would have been thrown away a long time ago, but there are certain things in life you hold onto.

A very simple Red T Shirt with a name of the front. So why does Blackie hold onto it.

Achievements in life are overlooked and have a place in your heart. They should be treasured through life and passed down to your children.

I don’t have many treasured items in life but this Red T Shirt means so much to me.

I look at it and see Blood Sweat and agony, strength and determination. Physical endurance, mental torture. All done for a reason. To see if a Man can can go through 12 weeks of the hardest, toughest challenge of his life

The average age of a man taking on this challenge was 23 years old, the man who wore this Red shirt was 34.

He would be known as 25 his number printed on his Helmet, Jacket, pants.

He would use 4 inch white Tape stuck on his lower back, feet, shoulders. Drink a Pint of Salt Water every evening.

Shouted at from 6am to 1600hrs every minute of the day, put through situations that would break the average man.

Entering the camp in the morning he ran to every building, not allowed to walk from door to door, and if caught it would mean punishment of some form

Why would you do this to yourself? Its a question that is easy to prove to myself I was as good as the next man, or better. For a challenge may sound stupid but when you come across something that is tough and will test you, I had to do it.

So the shirt is just a memory of how tough life was for 12 weeks back in Dec 1990. And a reminder of the inner qualities I had back then.

I want to carry on challenging myself but there comes a time after 2 operations that something is telling you to look after your body.

We all have amazing things we have took on and conquered so if that’s you and have something that shows what have done, or achieved. Then get it out and remember who you are.

Parachute Course TShirt from 1990

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