Friday 22 Day of 2021

I wake again at 4am, I make a cup of tea, Ruth sleeps why I sit with a soft glow lighting the room up. I take a reading of my Heart. It is 40 beats a min, my breathing is very slow.

I want to write but my mind is blank of any thoughts positive or negative, happiness or sadness there all gone.

The gremlins have all left and are replaced by soft ocean waves, bird songs, music to sing to, the vision of the Crocus and Narcissus.

The Rose tree that flowers, birds, light and sun rays i wake up to. Camera gear packed and ready for another adventure.

What is my Aim or objective with the camera and lens in 2021, I must have something to aim towards that will take skill and understanding.

Put into practice all the lessons learned along the way. Will I see the Barn Owl fly again, hunting for food for its family. Will I witness them fledge.

The Kestrel i love so much but rarely capture, it lives in the same building as the Barn Owl.

I worry about the building empty now for 3 years with so much land, another breeding place, a place of safety for the Owl and the Kestrel to live a normal life.

I do hope I don’t see the dreaded white A4 sign on posts near the building, a notice to the public that plans have been submitted for yet another housing estate.

Do I just film birds in flight, is video another avenue I have never bothered with that could be something to pursue.

Street photography and portrait are something I want to do this year with my family the main focus.

There is something very Special this year in May that I want to write about, but I am holding back on as I am not sure if it will take place.

I do hope it happens so I can write and publish lovely images of an event so special.

Taking One Day At A Time

I feeling of not being able to plan ahead is something I have grown used to and took for granted every winter.

Now with that luxury taken away its made me feel how lucky we are to live in a country where we go where we want when we want, with no fear of anything.

Freedom taken for granted

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