On my photography journey there are times when you come across a subject that you are privileged to find, by chance or by word of mouth.

When that happens you always come across obstacles that make your objective harder and sometimes just not possible.

So when I meet a lovely lady called Christine kind and helpful who loves wildlife it started a new opening for me and soon she let her friend know of my work and that lady owns the building where the Barn Owl lives.

Over 10 years of photography covering wildlife I have never had this kindness and it makes me feel so privileged to be able to visit and use the permitted areas to sit in peace and quiet and film wildlife.

Sharing it and telling my wildlife story of how the image or video was captured.

I am hoping the weather and summer will be kind to the Barn Owl so they can breed and raise a family and I can cover the season to the time when the young fledge the nest.

I am keeping the location secret for good reason and I will acting as eyes and ears for the surrounding area for people entering the area or disturbing the Owl.


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