Feb Day 3 Photo Challenge

My Hand.

From tiny soft white baby skin to a man’s hand what a journey they have seen.

From toys to my knife and fork. Touch and feel learning from its mistakes. Cuts and bruises plasters and bandage.

Holding on so tight to Mum never to let go. Holding Dads hand walking for the first time.

My first grip on my handle bars grip so tight as not to fall off

Taring at my Christmas wrapping paper

Holding my pillow in the night scared of the dark.

Hands so high as I catch my ball for the first time.

Rubbing my eyes after a fall.

Screaming as I trap my fingers in the door.

Touching what i shouldn’t.

My first smack from my parents on my knuckles.

My first woolen gloves to keep my hands warm.

Gripping onto my dads pants as he leaves me at school for the first time.

Waving goodbye to my Mum when she leaves us never to return.

Pulling my bed sheets up over my eyes as the shadows look like a Monster on my bedroom wall.

Sudden pain as I touch the Electric fire never to do it again. Lesson learned.

Pulling back the throttle on my first motorcycle.

Threading the string on my first Bow and Arrow

Touching the warm summer cut grass.

Holding my first Conquer.

Feeling the love from my first girlfriends hand.

Clapping as my Brother wins his egg and spoon race

Holding my first Rifle and squeezeing the trigger

My first steering wheel and gear stick as I learn to drive.

Holding onto the rope as I Absail down the cliff.

Both hands holding onto the swing as I swing across the river.

Climbing my first tree falling and breaking my wrist

Hands forward as I cushion my fall onto the Gravel.

The feel of the fust Burn my mum puts Butter on to increase the skin temperature.

The first real pain when I sting myself on Knettles.

Holding my Reserve Parachute hoping I won’t need it as I parachute out of the Hercules.

Praying hands together in Sunday school. And many times throughout my 64 years.

Holding my wife’s hand and placing a ring over figure

Holding the lead of my faithful friend

Covering my eyes and counting to 10 as the sister hides

Holding my first camera.

Pressing the Shutter button thousands of times.

How many things have you touch.

Assembling my Sub Machine Gun in the dark forest.

Holding onto the door of the Helicopter as it banks through the hills of Scotland.

Holding my first Trophy for winning the 400 Metres

Holding my first Child in the Palm of my hand

The touch of my first baby bird.

Tuning my first radio station.

Making my first drink.

Holding my pen and writing

Thousands of things I have done with the 2 things I could not have done %99 without out.

Taken for granted but cherished so much.


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