That Moment.

God Only Knows.

So I awake on a Summers morning. 4.30 on my little Scooter ĺeaving my wife and Bella asleep i head out as I have done for years.

Why do you get up so early?, people ask. You must be mad some people say. What makes you do it?, others ask.

There is a thing called Passion not used or heard a lot in daily conversations but something you need if you want to succeed in life.

I suppose I am lucky that I am Passionate about my family wanting them to be Loved and Happy. My Bella, my photography and my Wood Carving.

When I venture out early in the morning or lie in a field for 4 hours waiting in silence I do it because I love what I do. To share my photography with others is a way of bringing happiness into peoples lives, to make them smile. Showing a dog running, a child laughing or a animal in its natural habitat is just something special.

So Calm but I am feet away.

These moments are the reason I go out early, not to come back and boast about what I got, but to share with the few people that enjoy what I do.

So I ride out and sit against a wall, I am high up on the moors Sunrise is soon. I check my settings, the Curlew calls then the Lapwing. They have their young close by, the Buzzard calls out above me.

The sence of freedom and sounds surrounding me, I stare across the grass to the old barn its 200 feet away but I know the Barn Owl is inside. Waiting for that moment is so exciting.

I look down for a second and look back and its there.

You Beauty

I swallow and get ready for the lighting fast take off, bang its away. Did I get it as it flys low past me hunting. I quickly look t my camera. O My God.

So they as why I do it.

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