Reflections Seen in Time

Reflections are many in my lifetime from the lush trees lining the canal to the lake and rivers. All with the beautiful light reflecting

Comorant Landing

Reflections of many shapes and sizes colours. The perfect reflection is so hard to achieve with the water needing to so still. A breeze can spoil it, there are so many aspects to it.

Over time I have collected my reflections all with a memory or story of how I came about getting the image.

I have waited some days for a bird to come into view only to be spoilt by a gust of wind moving across the water.

Canal Lancaster 1999

So I find reflections very interesting and there all different with maybe a single subject or lots of objects in the scene.

Turning a photograph upside down and seeing the same image, perfection hardly ever achieved by the photographer’s hand. But when and if it does must be so special.

I don’t think you can plan it and thats whats so unique about the reflection image. It happens in a split second or just by chance, and maybe you see it and don’t have your camera.

Look for reflections and see what you can find, maybe just through a mirror or in a puddle on the ground. Get your image and share it.

Thats your task if you want something to do when your bored. Use your phone there is no reason why everybody that has a phone with a camera on can’t capture a reflection image.

Hope you enjoyed this.


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