Dawn is my time.

The feeling of being the only one up and feeling free and breathing in the fresh morning air is one of the best feelings there can be.

Its my time with nature a time I find hard to describe in words, its the total silence and the sounds you don’t hear unless you make the effort.

I am at peace when I move through the woods filled with Bluebells under the green canopy of leaves. Animals and birds are not awake yet as I make me way to the tree to sit and wait for nature to come to me.

Covered in leaves my 3d Leaf Suit blends me into the surroundings an art I learned being in the military. Fieldcraft skills learned a long time ago stay embedded in my brain.

I love it when the light gets brighter and my eyes focus like my camera lens on trees and flowers. Scanning the area looking for movements and listening for the branch to break or the rustle of a bush.

Born with exceptional eyesight and amazing hearing is such an advantage to a wildlife photographer. Together with Fieldcraft skills and knowledge of the countryside has given me so many wonderful experiences.

This particular morning i was in search of an animal i had never seen in the wild other than on the TV. Word had come my way that there was in an area close to where I was living.

The only problem was that it was on Private land. So I had to take a risk like I had done many times before. The urge to get the shot outweighs the risk if you want it so bad.

Leaning back against the big Pine tree i had positioned myself looking down a small track that had been made my Roe Deer as they made their way through the wood.

Birds were singing as I waited camera ready and the light good the bushes started to move in front of me but I wasn’t expecting a Male Roe Deer to bolt out and head in my direction. Raising my camera I focused on the deer running fast down my lens getting closer and closer.

It happened so quickly and the deer eventually saw me a turned away feet from me. The image I got was a one off as the say.

Roe Deer coming right at me.

After that amazing experience I was so happy I could go home but I had come for another animal. As my excitement calmed down I settled back for so peaceful thoughts listening for anything, staying alert like waiting for the enemy.

It wasn’t long before movement caught my eye. Only feet away the grass moved and it was there looking through the glass if my 400 lens. We looked at each other staring into each others eye. Me feeling so happy and Mr … thing what is the Bush doing at the bottom of a tree with a camera.

My First Red Fox

Priceless is the only word that can describe this memory one that won’t happen again.

Photography has been so rewarding in my life.



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