Sony 100-400mm Using Aps.c A7r4

Barn Owl Sony A7r4 Sony 100-400

I sat in my hide today waiting for the Barn Owl to land on the post i placed out side the hide. It didn’t take the bait and kept quartering around the field. I had chosen the Sony 100-400 today to do the video on the post so as you can imagine the owl looked so far away dropping down from the 200-600 but still with the APS.C mode on the A7r4 i switched to see what i could get. The light was poor and i decided to use ISO 500 but after looking at them i was under exposed so a tweak in that direction would have given me better image quality.

But my learning was harsh but i know if the Barn Owl comes close i will get some great images with some nice light to help me as well.

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