Natures Surprise

Treading carefully the small country path team me deeper into the forest. The mist had cleared as I looked into the distance at fields of deep green English grass.

The Oak Beach and Sycamore cover my way like a tunnel guiding me to Bluebell wood. I named it after finding it when it was covered with a blanket of Bluebells.

Bluebell Wood

Eyes peeled ears listening for anything to alert me, stealth mode kicks in from my Army Patrol days but no 8 man patrol just me. I glance down at my camera like my Rifle making sure its ready to shoot, capture the split second one moment most people miss.

As the Sun rises it shines on the Bushes just enough to create a beautiful backdrop for Mr Brown Hare who sits warming his fur and body.

Mr Hare

As I approached the bend only to see the Grey Squirrel hanging from the Hawthorn tree stretched out using its sharp claws to hang onto a single branch. The Red berry’s to hard to turn down and the best ones must be at bottom

Making my way along the path keeping my eyes peeled for any movement, stopping to look into the small Brook that runs along side Bluebell Wood.

Small wood chips fell onto the forest floor coming from high on the trunk of the rotten Silver Birch Tree. The Great Spotted Woodpecker drilled away at the hole made so perfect from the birds beak.

The time spent down at my hide March to September every year gave me so many happy memories of many animals and birds. The place was known for Owls and over the years I had made some nice nest boxes for the Tawny Owl.

They took to them every year but maintenance on them was difficult and with my Hip playing up meant I could not climb ladders for a while. But down in the wood there are big Oak trees and one in particular had a very strange hole at the bottom.

I made my way to the tree and without thinking just peered inside. To my total surprise there were eyes looking up at me. I stepped back and made my way quickly back to my van.

I collected my Wildlife Trail camera and quietly positioned it facing the tree.

Next morning I went back to see if I had captured anything. The video speaks for itself.

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