Lovely People

When you love the work you do but need people to help achieve it i cant think of anything better than when you meet people that are so helpful and have the same love for wildlife and the beauty it brings us on daily basis for no cost at all. Helping preserve and inform people of the birds and animals that live in our county is so important to me. This drives me on to film and write about the wonderful sightings i see their stories and the struggles they encounter.

With a great area to film i have encountered many species of bird but most of all the Barn Owl which i first sighted over 10 years ago. They still occupy the same building but there different ones and still ringed locally. The past week has seen bad weather but when the air clears and the wind drops the Male Barn Owl is out hunting.

Barn Owl Number 2 No Ring.

So after 2 weeks in one location i decided to change location with the permission of the land owner. I set up by 10.30 this morning and sat in my hide waiting for something to happen. I didn’t have to wait long when the Barn Owl flew through the small grassed area in front of me and made its way into a tree. It was very exciting having only being set up for less than 30 mins.

I then heard a call of a bird i have not heard since 2014, a call you can’t mistake. I zipped down my hide so i could see out of my left hand window just enough to see what was making the sound. I could not believe what i saw another Owl sat up on the edge of the building in the morning sun. One was just amazing but then another flew in. I was in dreamland having 2 species of Owls at the same time feet away.

The Little Owl’s sitting in peace.

Yes you could say i was dreaming but i was soon woke up from my dream when a Common Buzzard landed in the tree at the end of the field. No way would it fly towards me, and top off my day.

Common Buzzard just to top off my day.

All this was possible as 2 lovely ladies that own the property have let me film in this wonderful location, and i hope to film more and video more lovely footage and images with stories to explain the moment.

As i left to get in my car i look over only to see the Barn Owl hunting, i raised my camera and took some images of it as it flew past me.

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