Nice Feelings

Have you ever wondered what makes us feel so content and filled with nice feelings. Feelings that you should be grateful for.

You can have material things that make you happy, people make you feel happy, laughing love and being wanted by another make you happy.

Watching TV or reading a book, an advert or cartoon all bring a sence of nice a feeling. But there just a quick fix.

After years of sleepless nights thinking about what a person said or a family issue that you can’t sort out. Many things can play on our minds

Those who are lucky enough never to go through a break up have no idea of the turmoil it causes in the mind and has a lasting effect on you.

Even worse is when something happens that is so devastating that life is not worth living

You are on your own, no one to turn to other than a phone call to an organisation that just listens but can’t advise or help.

Nights are spent standing on your doorstep smoking roll ups. Drinking to numb the pain.

Then the skies clear the Sun Shines you smile because one person says a nice thing to you. Something so small makes you feel happy and nice inside.

There is one thing I have cherished since the days on the Doorstep. Every day holds another issue, a problem, they come out of the Blue shock you upset you offended you. But I think of the Doorstep.

I try everyday to be a good Husband, Dad, and Grandad. Wanting and tyring to make everybody Happy sounds easy but it’s far from it.

When I put my head on my pillow at night after kissing my Ruth goodnight. I have a clear mind, not a issue or thought. Because I know I am a good person trying to do my best everyday.

That’s my nice feeling.


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