My Little Pond in the garden

Last summer when we were in lockdown i decided to make a small pond or should i say bath for the birds to drink from and have a bath from time to time. It was a hot April and May so the bath got plenty of use. Getting down to the same level as the water gave me some lovely images of a few species of bird including the Starling, Blackbird and the House sparrow.

being able to sit on the other side of the garden in my chair kept me out of sight from the birds and it paid dividends as they came in very regular. Making the bath from cement and placing shells from the beach in the cement before it set gave it a nice feel and soft colours for the background. Later we planted a nice Purple shrub that flowers from late summer throught to October.

The Blackbird drinking is interesting as the small droplets the A7r4 captured are lovely and clear and also the water in between the beak can be seen.

Mlae Blackbird Drinking

The little Sparrow came in then followed by the Blackbird again, the 200-66 capturing every detail. A joy to use everytime i look for perfection.

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  1. Very very sweet birds!
    I have a birdbath in my back yard with a water drip on it. But it’s in the shade and hard to get good photos of. And it gets messy fast. I have gotten photos of a hawk on it though, and also a roadrunner a couple of times. I took the photos from the corner of my bedroom window!
    Birds are so fun to watch!

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