How my day turned out

Arriving with a plan to set up a hide using natural material from the land. The field i am using is about the size of 3 football fields with dead braken a weed that groes high and takes over. Its easy to break of at the base and this is my chosen foliage to cam up my make shift hide. Its knowing how to build one and sighting it in the correct location is key

So i used the banking that runs paralel with the field and set my first braken half way up t give me some elevation. As i built it i decided to use my spade and dig out a seating area. So i set to it and after 4 minutes i had built it and surounded my set with brown braken.

Sitting back i set my camera and made holes in the cam to see the posts i had placed for the Owl to sit on. Ruth had made me sandwitches for lunch and as i opened them i heard a Tractor like noise getting closer. The owner was driving it and he just kept coming across the field. He stopped opposite me and informed me he needed to get past where i was sat and collect a metal tank and drag it out to take back to his house.

I stood up and moved from my cosy little hide and watched as he Started work, he is a lovely man like his wife Christine who let me use thier land.

Phase 2 i moved quickly up the banking and started setting up another hide and within 20 mins i had myself another hide.

The plan was to film the female Barn Owl coming into land on the post. Sometimes we over compliate what we are trying to achieve and i placed 2 posts up and sat back, but soon as i got comfy i realised i had created a problem for my self. Having one post means you focus on one position and your ready, but putting up a second means she will have a choice and you dont know which one she will go for.

Anyway after 2 hours sitting watching cyclists go past talking about rubbish i spotted Bella coming out of her building and move away into the fields across the way. Knowing she was out and knowing she always comes into the field to hunt makes me very excited. Unless you have been close to this amzing bird you will not be in my Zone of thinking.

15 Years of day to day photography looking for certain species is a challenge to any photographer so when an opportunity comes your way to film a special bird you put th extra effort and hours in to film.

So when Bella moves into the field and Quaters looking for prey it sends me into a trance, and with age and experience i dont take images of her to far away, i even let her get used to the posts without taking a image. It puts her at ease and thats the importance of respecting her habitat at all times.

Bella came straight towards me and these are the Snaps i got. A bit of editing but the eyes are crystal clear and sharp.

Enjoy like i do.

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