Just an Old Fashioned Man

What do you see

Will A Text Explain This?

When you have reached the top in 7 years from leaving school at 15 in the 70s.

When you reach a rank that gets a Royal Warrant from the Queen

When your 22 year marriage ends with a I am leaving you with no chance to rectify it.

When the 2 teenagers leave you to cope with He’ll on your own

You arrive in Hell but come out on top of Everest.

You could say I have tasted all there is to be old fashioned and just want a simple way of life.

When I stress that One Text read out of context, miss read or just not understood. Can ruin a Relationship with one simple effortless press. That’s why I stick to old fashioned ways

To hear a voice can straight away make you know how that person is feeling. If you don’t understand then you just say what do you mean. The voice has Feeling Love Compassion Hurt or emotion. You get it. It takes seconds.

But today we don’t respect the older person’s wishes to remain in the old days. There not the old days there proven.

My Grandad would return a letter if I typed it. Write it by had Ron he would say else I won’t read it.

Was he wrong to do that. Did I get at him because that was what he believed in.

Hand writing is like the artist paint brush with feeling. The fountain pen that shows the movement in the words it comes from the heart and soul.

What would I like for my birthday. I want a letter a note written by hand tell me it took Effort and just a little bit if time to do. Stick a Stamp on it has your mouth as part of the effort.

So what gives me the right to stay the way I am. Its because I learned the hard way, many I won’t go into but you could say I am old fashioned for good reason.

Will I change No.

If you find a way of doing something that makes your life easier then fine. But somethings need to be preserved for our children like saying thank you Hello.

It’s not hard or complicated just Good Manners.

They used to say Look Up To Your Elders.

Now it’s why can’t you do that Zoom Call.

Forgetting you will stand in the same position one day when all Values have gone. And ask was it simpler the way we were back when Mum and Dad were alive.

Love starts and Loves Ends

But Loves Asks For Nothing

Just understand me. Come sit with me, or speak to me. And I will tell you from my heart with a Voice not a Electronic Device that has no Heart No Feeling Love or Emotion

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