When the sun shines

So the sun comes out and the camera is ready for action. Off to where the Grey Heron nests evey February. The area is not that good for the field of view as the trees are not managed and branches obstruct your coverage. So you have to watch fir a while what the Heron does from bringing its twigs for the nest.

With that said I arrived and found the area closed off but as there was no body about I jumped over the fence and took some images of the Heron flying in with twigs it had broken off the trees nearby. When I spotted a Swan coming towards me so I got down as close to the water as possible.

Adult Swan

So with light nice inside my go to flight settings for Large Birds in flight. F 7.1 Shutter 1/1600 ISO 800 Zones Focus Mode Multi Metering. High Speed + Frame rate.

What is beautiful about the Sony A7r4 200-600 is the image quality and only having to Crop in Post Process. Then you get results like this. Stunning if I say so myself.

Grey Heron In Flight
Bringing the nest material in.

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