Lay Back and Look To The Sky

waiting for my Owl to make a show i lay back and looked up at the blue sky, Buzzard Starlings Seagulls Rooks all pass by with no movement from the small shape lying in the grass down below.

Not having many snaps of the Kestrel reall makes it a top ten of birds to get a snap of. S as i look up the shape of a bird hovers looking into the grass below. Wing beats so quiet and majestic eyes ahrper than a razor blade scanning the burnt grass.

The beauty of having acamera with so many million mega Pixels has its benefits and when you need to crop in so much it really helps when the bird is just out of reach. These are a few i got today but the Kestrel was very high.

I would just like to show people what you start with and how much yiou have to crop in, still retaining image quality.

Kestrel After Crop Sony A7r4 Sony 200-600

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