The Perfect Day

arriving at my peacful location at 10.30 this morning i was greeted by Bella hunting in the field where i was going to set up. Knowing she needs to make a kill i left her to hunt and went back to my car. I spotted the Kestrel flying above my makeshift hide on the banking and it made me very excited that it still hunts over the Hide i built.

The hours past buy and i messed around with my settings as you do and took some Snaps of the post i wanted Bella to sit on. It didnt happen today, and that’s what i love about wildlife photography you never can be certain when and if yo will get that Snap.

So i had lunch and it approached 1400hrs when i looked up and the Kestrel was hunting just off to my left but to far to capture it in flight. I have only a few snaps of the Kestrel as its pot luck where you are when the decide to hover above you. 1500HRS came and thats when a couple turned up on th road ooposite me.

I had seen them before and it just reminded me of when i was starting out looking for the Barn Owl and how excited it is when one appears. They moved up the road and it was then Bella came out to Hunt. The light was fantastic and she came close on a few occasions but i didnt want to frighten her with the sound of my shutter noise on the camera so i let her hunt back and forth.

It is very hard to keep calm when a bird as beautiful as the Barn Owl comes into range of your camera but like i stress to anyone i meet, this is her Patch and you are the visitor and should respect the fact that you go home to your lovely warm house while Bella and Bertie hunt all through the night to survive.

I decided today to try f9 on my camera as this is the lowest aperture you can get when you attach a 1.4 Extender giving you more reach. When Bella approched this time she made a sudden  decent to her right opening her wings wide and moving through a sequence of flight movements. I was locked on to her but i never know if as they say i have Nailed it.

Edited in Lightroom Mobile i was pleased to say that even when she was far away i got some decent snaps of her.


After I had nailed a few snaps I felt it time to go and stopped to talk to the couple who stopped to watch the Barn Owl. The smile the lady had on her face when i parked up was pricless. This is what i mean when i say the sheer beauty the sight of a Barn Owl fling brings is one that cant be matched. They were a lovely couple and i apologised for shouting at them on one occasion.

Ther names were Sarah and Tom and they were so nice to talk to and just love wildlife. I hope they read this and i really hope they get some great snaps of Bella or Bertie but keep it secret for thier enjoyment and mine. I let them know that i am writing a blog on the Barn Owls and will continue to protect them from people that put getting a image rather than the Barn Owl interest firt.

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