Sunday in the Sun

I wanted the Barn Owl i found yesterday lying in the log store to be buried in the best way i could think. It gave me so many beauty moments it was the least i could do

So i used some oak and made a small coffin and wrapped it up in one of my arm shirts.

We had a lovely walk to the estuary where a little Redshank was scammering along the mud bank. I had my extender on so focused on it and got 2 snaps one drinking and oone flying.

Redshank Sony a7r4 Sony 200-600 1.4 Ext
Redshank Sony a7r4 Sony 200-600+1.4 Ext

We set off and arrive at my friend Christine houes and gave her the Barn Owl, she is so lovey she had a special place for it where beautiful flowers grow. A special place for a special Bird.

We went and sat near the Barn to see if anything was happening. We heard the Little Owl calling. Ruth sat reading and I went to sit in the field and wait for any surprise.

It wasn’t long before I spotted a object sitting tge post near the house. The another appeared out of a small hole in the brickwork.

Then while I was talking to Ruth at the car we spotted the Barn Owl hunting. It was to far away as I wanted to see if it was the ringed one. I was lucky as it came and sat on the post the little was sat on.

Barn Owl ringed.

It was lovely to see after the sad day with the Owl that passed. It came towards me and I go a Snap of it.

Barn Owl


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