The Bond

Having a bond with an animal is one of the best feelings a person can have, a dog cat or any animal that you can communicate with is a special thing only so many people have.

Our Bella is coming up to 3 on 17 April and is so intelligent that there is nothing she can’t say. I started to teach her How Much Is That Parrot In The Window The one With The Feathers So Grey. It’s took her 8 days. To say the whole thing. She can no open a Lock And Lock container and remove the contents to get a Pine nut.

She ha become so affectionate towards me in such a beautiful way. Trust is paramount with a Grey Parrot they are sensitive and very clever at reading when your in a good mood.

She is so funny making her own nursery rhymes up and mixing sentences up.

The time given to her by Ruth and myself has been critical to her being the way she is today. Many hours of laughter and learning.

Some say they speak once a day but Bella speaks most of the day.

Lately she has become very close travelling on my shoulder from room to room. She comes to the bathroom with me and sits with me while I have a bath.

She watches me make her breakfast dinner and tea

Siting on my shoulder she loves having her head scratched but it sends me to sleep after 10 mins.

A wonderful bird that I dreamt of having since a boy.

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