Birds in flight 2020

Looking through my library from 2020 and can’t remember doing a blog on the different species I captured with restricted movement but still managed to get out and about with the Sony. The weather was really good in spring and with the small lake close by I ventured out a few times and found the Heron and Geese flying most days over the lake.

The Geese are great to photograph with lovely soft colours and very easy to read whet they will do next, giving me a great opportunity to capture some great images.

Greylag Goose?

The flight is beautiful to watch and with the wind direction always blowing across the lake they take off head on over my head.

Canada Goose

Then when the Geese calm down the mallard will start chasing each other across the lake with the right sunlight the colours on the Male are amazing.

Male Mallard

I started to get up early as the Grey Heron starts some strange routines ones I have never witnessed before. One would sit at the top of the tree then dive head first into the lake. Then it would beat its wings and start elevating its huge body out of the water

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