In Honour Of My Little Barn Owl.

A week has passed since I found the Barn Owl lying peaceful asleep. After making a small wooden Coffin for her I thought it would be nice to make a wood carving of it. Yes I don’t know which one it was but the image I see is of it looking at me in my hide sat on the post I put up for her to land on and watch below for something to move or make a sound.

Sadly after the work to get it as close as possible to the one in the image, it could just split in half once the density and the Summer comes. I know I could have waited for the wood to dry out but that takes 2 years and I needed to do it now.

Not sure if it’s Oak or Beech but the Grain is Beautiful and leaving it Natural looks better than putting lots of detail into it other than the wing is not for sale as its personal to me with a reminder of how birds can bring priceless joy to the human race.

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