Today I went out and changed from Raw to Jpeg Extra fine. Its always the case that when your not expecting anything when you go out for a quick coffee. Just when we were leaving I spotted someone white in the distance. A Little Egret was hunting for food

I never thought it would let me get to about a 100 feet away and carry on looking for food. It got spooked a few times as kids went past but that gave me a good opportunity to get some flight shots

The settings were Jpeg extra fine, f7.1 Shutter Speed 1/2000 ISO 1600, Focus Area Zone for flight and Centre for static images. Editing in Adobe Lightroom Mobile I was able to crop and edit and still get great images.

Litte Egret eating a huge creature from the water like a centipede

Little Egret. Water Splash.

It then caught a worm and the Sony A7r4 200-600 never missed a shot.

I came away with about 150 images of the Egret only missing focus a few times when I didn’t press the Back button focus. It then took off 3 or 4 times giving me some lovely images n flight.

I will post more images once I get through them all.

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