What is our Purpose

Lately I have been thinking deeply about what is the purpose of life, what are we doing in our time on the ever changing planet. One that I think In time won’t be able to cope with the population that demands more from it. With the world’s oceans covering the majority of the planet will some genius come up with a way of living on that and spoiling the only free place on earth.

We as humans never learn until its to late, but will there come a time when space has gone, nowhere left for man to destroy the planet to accommodate the ever growing population.

We killed the Eagle to extinction here in the UK, the Beaver and Buffalo, the magnificent Wolf, Exotic birds from Jungle to a brick house on a council estate. Whales and Dolphins, Sharks for some Posh man with money to have his Bowl of Soup.

The Magnificent Tiger hunted like its done something wrong, the Graceful Elephant that has more emotion and feelings than many people here on earth. Hunted and killed for sport together with the near Extinct Rhino, just for its Horn it will pay with its life.

Mountain Gorilla raising its family in a world where its habitat is destroyed quicker than they can raise their young.

I could go on about what I have witnessed and what I hear on a weekly basis, and it hurts me to know my wonderful birds are forced to eat Plastic that we as people just toss away, face mask just another hazard our wildlife will become a victim to our lazy way of life with no thought for the wildlife that does no harm.

I can’t make any sense of the world that seems to be on a collision course with destruction. Only then will the world’s animals be free to live in peace and roam free as they were meant to, happy not waiting for the next Bullet or Crued Trap or Poison to end their life.

I am not frightened to say I Hate The World We Live In, filled with greed and Cruelty on a massive scale,

People may ask me why do i sit in a field for six hours and don’t get an Image on my camera, do I really need to answer that. To hear the wind and rustle of the leaves and see the little Wren and Robin next to me, no TV, Mobile,Siren,cars, News, Radio, People.

Just a sence of Peace and Freedom that makes me feel good that costs nothing.

I do worry for my Grandchildren but then again I won’t be hear to witness it Thank God.



  1. I agree with you on this, it is a sad world. I get out in nature and it helps bring me calm. I do believe in God and have a strong faith. That is what gets me through, that and being out seeing and hearing nature every day. Blessings to you! 🙏🏻


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